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Usually, the main pieces of the story are highlighted in color, but the fun backstory found in the very detailed black and white ink drawings are so interesting to look at.

Overall, a great read with some added depth found in the visuals (and extra fun to imagine other bartering situations)!

We talked about how in addition to coils of rope you also say that snakes are coiled.

We looked at some pictures of coiled snakes on the internet.

Complementing the smart artwork is a smart story: you don't have to have a pocket full of gold to get by; wits often work just as well.

Though the boy's peg leg immediately conjures hoary old pirate tropes, these are honest, hard-working tars, and it's a positive delight to see a disabled boy depicted as an equal participant in the economy.—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)Though the story is told through very little text, the mathematics inherent to each exchange extends to older readers.

If they trade four of their six oars, how many should be left?

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The fun incorporation of math (it would be fun to have children see if they can figure out just what supplies the two still have once they are done trading) and the detailed illustrations make for a delightful read.

The concept is textually great because of the repetition of the word "Swap!