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This is the bewitching 'Silent City', one of the strangest and most spell-binding sights to be seen at the top of the world: a chaos of weird architectural forms, from clusters of glittering spires to gables, obelisks, monoliths and castles, all shimmering over the 700-foot-deep crystal waters of Glacier Bay, all beautiful beyond description.Some say it is a vision of a real and ancient city, now covered by the icy waters of the inlet; others that it is a mirage, either of Bristol or perhaps of the capital of an undiscovered civilisation situated near the pole.It is certainly not the only ghostly settlement to be seen in the far north.

Is this a one-time event, an omen, or a bizarre natural phenomenon?Mike Dash is a historian with an MA from the University of Cambridge and a Ph D from the University of London. It stains the virgin purity of sterile Antarctica: a pinprick of the peculiar in the howling fastness.