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It was thought to rival in extent the Mammoth Caverns in the United States.The exploration is to include mapping, cataloging, collecting samples and recommendations on preservation.On a lark while in university, both women had entered the Miss Hawaiian Tropic contest and both were selected as Hawaiian Tropic models whose company activities and promotions they performed during their undergraduate university years until the job pressures interfered with their beginning graduate academic work and their scholastic studies were more important.Maggie – is five feet eleven, stunning dark cinnamon-red auburn hair, bright sparkling emerald green eyes, dark skin complexion, with very firm high set full large breasts with a very pronounced European up-tilt to them as befitting her Irish-Nordic ancestry, and a tight shapely muscular ass.In the caving community they met two others whom they quickly became good friends with – Linda and Ashley.Linda was another geologist while Ashley was a small invertebrate biologist.

For each of them the clothing consisted of one Kevlar thread reinforced lightweight overalls, one thin wicking athletic bra, two thin ribbed athletic tee-shirts and two silk panties.

Stalagmites littered the floor, stalactites stabbed downward. “They are not cold or wet.” Lisa shouldered her way to Ashley’s side. Lisa pointed her flashlight to the branches of gypsum crystals festooning the ceiling of the chamber, like twenty-foot white chandeliers. Body heat can cause them to weaken and flake away.”By the way, I highly recommend James Rollins thriller novels as a great read.