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He interred her remains inside the body of this Nyoirin Kannon for the repose of her soul. An understanding of these changes helps art scholars to identify and date extant statuary.In the early Asuka period, for example, drapery was typically angular and rigidly geometrical, as exemplified by the bronze Shaka Triad ) styles.The facility was often sub-divided into distinct areas devoted to specific tasks.For example, the workshop for casting metal was called the Chusho (Yōshiki).Finally, the Kamakura period introduced a number of innovations, including realistic folds and irregular folds influenced by Sung China, and exceptionally deep drapery folds called Domon.Please see the Drapery page for photos of the pieces mentioned above and more details.

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One of the Seven Great Temples of Nara, the temple today lies mostly in ruin, a sad reminder of its former glory, although it still houses some wonderful wood statues for viewing, including an 11-Headed Kannon and Bato (Horse-Headed) Kannon.

1057), who trained and inspired a generation of artists who then established three of Japan’s most powerful workshops -- the Enpa and Inpa workshops in Kyoto, and the Kei workshop in Nara.

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