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However, a recent interview with Ferrante’s publishers in Il Libraio, an Italian literary newsletter, included one line that could give fans relief: “I know she is writing, but at the moment I cannot say anything more,” said Sandro Ferri, who heads the publishing house Ediozioni E/O with his wife, Sandra Ozzola.

But Ferri said there were no plans for a new Ferrante novel to be published in 2018. But the new work is understood to be separate from the screenplay Ferrante is working on for a television series based on the Neapolitan novels, which will air on HBO and the Italian broadcaster RAI.

In Days of Abandonment, Mario tells his wife Olga that he is leaving her.

She soon finds out that he is living with his new girlfriend, a much younger woman.

There’s a good chance you’ve already received recommendations for Ferrante’s Neapolitan quartet from gushy friends, fervent booksellers and rhapsodic librarians.

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Since then, fans of Elena Ferrante, who has always written under a pen name, had reason to worry she might not return.The book describes the days that follow Mario’s departure.It starts with Olga’s inability to comprehend that her husband, the father of her children, has ceased to love her.The investigative journalist Claudio Gatti reported last October that Ferrante’s true name was Anita Raja, a Rome-based translator whose middle-class background differed from that fostered by Elena Ferrante, which more closely resembled the struggling background of her two protagonists.

Gatti was criticised for a gross violation of the writer’s privacy and some believed he would be blamed if Ferrante disappeared from public life.Finally, some good news: Elena Ferrante is writing again.

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