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“But she didn’t know sex.” The author set up informal workshops and a website to discover how much interest there would be in the book, and she is now considering a follow-up after “dozens” of men contacted her, asking how they could pleasure their wives.

Muladhat will keep her anonymity due to fear of a backlash, but will reveal that she is an American-born psychology graduate.

False light is one of the four categories of "privacy torts" (the others being misappropriation, intrusion, and publication of private facts).

While the nature of false light claims vary by state, they generally protect people from offensive and false facts stated about them to the public. In the states that do recognize a cause of action for false light, the specific requirements to raise a claim vary.

Based on years of medical practice and experience helping those with sexual problems, Delvin offers reassuring advice on all aspects of sex, revealing the secrets of successful lovemaking that all lovers need to know to enjoy the best sex life possible.

As an "illustrated guide to enhance your love-making," the Good Sex Guide is disappointing in its selections of "illustrations" - highly air-brushed and artificially posed photos of couples.

With this book on their bedside tables, readers start having better sex in no time.

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Avoiding False Light Claims False light lawsuits often arise on the margins of stories, rather then at their core.

Distinguishing Between False Light and Defamation Claims False light is similar to defamation.