Lossy compression online dating

13-Jun-2017 12:47

Shrink file sizes to share videos more easily online, upload to social media or simply free up disk space.There are no input file size restrictions, no slow uploads and we never have access to your videos, unlike any other online compressor.Lossy and Lossless each have various methods which are used by different file formats and achieve different results.

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Our compressor accepts a wide range of video resolutions as input.Anyone can send you a video using the link you share with them. There are two categories of compression techniques used with digital graphics, lossy and lossless.Our default settings optimize your videos but you can also change the compression levels and quality options to tweak output videos further.

Videos get processed in your browser without leaving your computer thanks to the unique technology we built our video tools with.

This means that you won't have to wait for endless uploads before your videos get compressed and they are available much faster.

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