Once upon a time 4x01 online dating

29-Sep-2017 15:04

Based on the fans’ comments, I’m glad people seem to be into it, rather than saying, ‘This is stupid and makes no sense.’ It’s really exciting. We really saw Sabrina coming in and giving Amy what Karma couldn’t give her, which is a friend who also shares attraction and wants more out of the relationship.I think when Sabrina stands up to her and says, ‘Yes, I did all of these horrible things, but now I realize why,’ it will hopefully excuse her past actions.TVLINE Gabby went over to Casey’s to tell him she’s pregnant. It’s interesting, because they can’t be a firefighter. The alternative is getting a desk job in the fire department while you’re still pregnant.

The happy ending is that their friendship has survived and they remain the most important people in each other’s lives.

So if there’s a point where she believed that he wants back the relationship on his own terms, I think she’d go for it.

But this isn’t Can you hint about what Casey’s reaction to the news would be? ” It’s not like, “Whoa, whoa, whoa.” Then [he would] figure out his own feelings about it later.

Her being forced to go there and try to lure him out is a possibility.

Getting all the participants in one room and trying to see what’s going on and it going south is another possibility.It felt like moving Liam and Lauren into each other’s spheres would be a great way to develop their characters and add complication to the show.