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Fighting games have added a huge amount of complexity over the years in ways that have created more and more of a physical execution barrier.

Fantasy Strike is about getting to the strategy part of the game immediately, in the first minute you play it.

You also don't have to worry about doing moves with 1/60th of a second accuracy, as is common in fighting games.

In Fantasy Strike, anytime you try to do a move, we automatically repeat your input for 8/60ths of a second to make sure it comes out, every time.

Find a character whose personality and playstyle you connect with.

The downloadable GGPO client currently supports many games from Capcom and SNK including Super Street Fighter II Turbo, The King of Fighters 2002, and Metal Slug X through use of emulator.

The hard part should be deciding if you want to do a move, not in getting it to happen once you've decided.

The Yomi Counter is an exciting new feature for the fighting game genre.

Throws are powerful in Fantasy Strike, but you can always punish a throw that you know is coming by simply letting go of your controls!

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If you do, you'll be vulnerable to any attack, but if your opponent tries to throw you while you're not touching your controls, you'll Yomi Counter them and damage them instead.En fait il faut prendre un vieux bios 259ko et ça fonctionne nickel (pas celui de 1,5 Mo). J'arrive très bien à jouer sur Fightcade mais le programme m'affiche toujours ceci avant de lancer le jeu : The following ROMs are invalid: ~ essential BIOS program ROM sm1.sm1 has a CRC of 94416D67 (correct is 97CF998B). Quelqu'un saurait me dire si cela a une incidence sur le jeu ? J'ai voulu suivre le tuto pour installer fightcade afin de pouvoir jouer mais j'ai le problème suivant déjà essayer de changer de bios et de rom mais le même problème persiste donc la je sais pas quoi faire de plus . Merci d'avance Salut, je suis sur Mac moi aussi, j'ai bien galéré à faire marcher l'émulateur et à le configurer, par contre j'arrive pas à modifier les DIPswitch pour que le jeu soit en 99 secondes ?