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Ein paar dieser Games haben es auch in den Einzelhandel geschafft, darunter Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, RIGS: Mechanized Combat League, Hustle Kings VR und Playstation VR Worlds.

Auf den Verpackungen der PSVR-kompatiblen Software ist ersichtlich, ob ein Spiel einfach nur mit Play Station VR kompatibel ist, oder ob der Titel die Brille sogar erfordert.

Warriors assembled by Darron Wraith to fight the Sith, a sadly short lived operation. The "amazing you're not taken" line was perhaps a bit too much, but Jaxton, in his longtime singleness, was too dull to notice. Still, the rest of the profile put an emphasis on fitness so that made such a thing more unlikely, and truth be told Jaxton wasn't looking for a 'babe' in any case anyways.

Still, he learned much, but the lessons didn't become clear until later on. Jaxton was a father now, to a shapeshifting child he'd adopted, even named, and though he loved the girl and would do everything he could for her, he wondered if she'd he could raise her alone, without her having a maternal figure. Deciding this one might be interesting he followed the link embedded into her name unknowingly going to @Daella Apparine's profile. If he was all he'd have to do was go to a couple of parties on Zeltros, but that wasn't really his scene.

Eine schlankere Play Station 4 wird künftig das Standardmodell sein. November 2016 die erste High-End-Play Station "PS4 Pro" kaufen.

Wollt ihr mehr über sie erfahren, dann lest unseren Test zur PS4 Pro.

Wir helfen euch bei der Kaufentscheidung für PSVR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive und Smartphone-Lösungen wie Samsung Gear VR.

The Silent Conclave, all in all, was a decision Jaxton Ravos made that he never regretted. "Meetfunpeople.holo" was the site he found himself in, making a profile for. Got into a bad crowd and spent a few years messing around before I joined the Republic’s Army. It’s been wonderful but, at the same time it’s made me realize how much I’ve lost by putting so much of my life into my work, instead of into meeting new people, maybe even getting a family one day. He received a message from a specific account within that time interval. Jaxton Ravos went to bed for the night after finishing his little profile, and the next day logged on after taking care of his duties for the night. He supposed when you put yourself out there for the entire galaxy to see that meant you'd get ton of replies, simply by sheer numbers of people.

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Solltet ihr PS Plus nutzen, stehen euch monatlich auch eine Vielzahl an Games für verschiedenste Konsolen von Sony zur Verfügung.Mit der PS4-VR-Brille Play Station VR taucht ihr in virtuelle Welten ab.