Updating pc wow

09-Dec-2017 04:55

" And I think that there's always gonna be a large number of our fanbase that are out there doing an analysis and trying to figure out how can they can get the absolute most out of their class.

So we can essentially build our areas in such a way that it's almost level independent, right?

For someone coming in cold, we're still gonna have the beginning, one to 20 acclimation zones that get you used your spells, weapons, and abilities.

And then around 20, that's when you're out in the world and you start making choices about where you want to go. We call them allied races, they're an elf, for instance, in the case of the Nightborn. Obviously some bragging rights if you level up from the beginning and get the heritage armor set, which you can trans-mog into any armor piece. Thinking about jumping into World of Warcraft now, in some ways it's like a really long-running TV show.

We still have a substantial number of new players every time we roll out an expansion, which is kind of hard to believe.

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There's people out there that haven't played World of Warcraft!

I'd actually stepped away for a while before Legion.