Virgin at 40 online dating

17-Jul-2017 04:51

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I do fantasize, but I wouldn't want anything I fantasize to become real; it's only appealing to me as fantasy.

It's like the stuff on television, shows about doctors, lawyers, police, etc.

I really didn't want to take it from him even though it was so so tempting to do. If I met a guy who was a 40 year old virgin I would run...

Of course there are maybe only a few around thre USAand Canada...

Finally I said that I didn't even have to take his clothes off to make him cum in his pants...of course couldn't understand how. We parted ways, as I couldn't take his judgemental statments anymore. He's a 35 year old virgin and I've been having sex for 30 years...I'm going to a break.

Over a number of weeks he became quite irritating to me. Keep your virginity buddy..waited this long..might as well keep waiting and stay away from me so you can keep it.

I've dated, found women I liked talking to and spending time with, but for me that never translated into wanting to get physical.

And it's not a gay thing; I'm not interested in men either.

But on a serious note, I really wouldnt know how to react..and they aremost likely still virgins for a reason..reason being they are not appealing to women on any level. I dont think I would be a match for anyone like that on any level. As I said in my previous post, I've had the opportunity to have sex.

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